PBXcomplete has been active since 2008 as a supplier of hosted Voip exchanges and all associated services, including IP telephones, telephone numbers and SIP trunks. Our office is located on the Bierstraat near the Wijnhaven in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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What do we stand for?

  • We do things a little differently than others and hope to surprise our customers with our refreshing view on business telephony.
  • Wij onderhouden graag een langdurige, sprankelende relatie met onze klanten en leveranciers, maar houden niet van langlopende contracten.
  • Wij helpen onze klanten graag een beetje extra als dat even kan, maar in ieder geval zo snel en doeltreffend mogelijk.
  • Wij gebruiken zoveel mogelijk open source applicaties, want het product staat bij ons niet centraal maar onze totale dienstverlening naar onze klanten.
  • 24×7, betrouwbaarheid en redundantie zijn voor ons geen marketingkreten, maar gewoon de basis van onze dienstverlening.


Our vision is:

  • Delivering a stable, flexible and affordable platform that can centrally control all your business communication and with which you can steer your communication in the right direction with a simple interface.


Why should you choose for us?

With PBXcomplete your organization gets its own environment for cloud telephony. This means that your telephony does not run on a shared system with multiple customers on it. Your own environment can be customized, with links to your CRM system if desired, and can be expanded on the fly. With our systems you have the following benefits:

  • Location-independent business telephone: wherever there is a solid internet connection, you can make and receive business calls. This is possible with a fixed or wireless IP telephone, but also with a so-called “softphone”. This is a calling program that is installed on your computer or smartphone.
  • You do not pay per connected telephone or per additional telephone exchange option. You will receive a complete telephone PBX with all options activated (including IVR’s, queues, fax to email, recording calls, voicemail, call forwarding) for a fixed monthly amount. You decide how many telephones or softphones you connect and at which locations.
  • Our total solution is cost-efficient: no hardware investment is required for an expensive on-site telephone exchange. Our entry level package costs € 27.50 per month including 1 telephone number and with the option to add more numbers and an unlimited calling package.
  • For us, business calling means reliability. Our infrastructure is located in a modern data center in Haarlem. The equipment and lines are redundant and are monitored 24 × 7 to ensure that you are always available and you can always call. If your own internet connection unexpectedly does not work, we can send the calls temporarily to mobile numbers.
  • You can call on us if you need help installing your IP telephones on location and setting up your calling plan. Incoming calls can be handled as desired. The calls can be sent to one or more telephones, an IVR, queue, transfer to mobile, voicemail or a combination thereof.
  • We do not use long-term contracts for our telephony services, as you may be used to with KPN and other providers. If you are not satisfied with our services, you can cancel each month.