October 28, 2022

As of today we will install new FreePBX orders with the latest version 16 of this telephone exchange software.

Version 16 will also run the new sip software by default, namely pjsip. This has the following advantages:

– It will be possible to register multiple devices on the same extension. An IP phone and a softphone can therefore be linked to the same extension and ring at the same time when the internal number is called.

– WebRTC is easier to set up in FreePBX 16. WebRTC (www.webrtc.org) allows you to set up calls using a softphone in a web browser. In Google Chrome, for example, the Callbee Phone extension can be used. It is also possible to make calls via the web browser in the User Control Panel (UCP) of FreePBX.

– Odoo (www.odoo.com), formerly OpenERP, is a suite of open source business apps for CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, POS and project management. Odoo has a free Voip module with which, for example, the details of a calling customer appear directly on the screen. Because this module also uses WebRTC, FreePBX 16 can be used to integrate your telephony with Odoo.

If you have any questions about the possibilities of FreePBX 16, please email us or call us at 010-8200010.

Easily integrate your telephony with Odoo