Keymusic chooses PBXcomplete

Keymusic is the largest retail chain in the Benelux in the field of musical instruments and sound equipment. With 20 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, Keymusic leads the way with the contemporary brick & mortar formula. In addition to two XXL Experience Stores in Sint-Niklaas (BE) and Rotterdam (NL), Keymusic also offers its products through its modern e-commerce formula

Webshop & Store

The market for musical instruments requires specific knowledge and service in the stores and through the help desk. With a varied selection of questions from customers, it is important to be available anytime, anywhere. Both on a personal local level as well as through a strong online strategy. With the hosted Voip exchange from PBXcomplete, a flexible solution for business telephony has been chosen.

An easy-to-set-up exchange that focuses on optimally supporting the customer and our employees, while at the same time keeping the costs for outgoing telephony manageable. With employees and suppliers based in different countries, this is extra important.


Tribute to Rock ’n Roll

The existence of Keymusic is just as noisy as the life of an average rock star. The expansion of the franchise formula offers many possibilities for rapid scaling.

Whether a franchise shop is added, a new branch is opened or if a branch should disappear, with PBXcomplete Keymusic has a solution that is always fully scalable.

With a few clicks it is possible to add a new branch and make it accessible, this is extremely effective in both good and bad times.

The set-up is easy to optimize and reorganize; the Voip telephone exchange from PBXcomplete is super flexible.

PBXcomplete is always ready to help our telephony with their expertise and fast response.

Office & Customer Service

The case is perfectly taken care of.

Keymusic uses the most optimal PBX with multiple lines simultaneously per location and per country. A chain like Keymusic should simply always be available.

In addition to specialized VoIP telephones for customer service, office staff also enjoy the highest quality telephony. Given the international character of Keymusic, it is very important to also call internationally at a low rate.

Together with PBXcomplete, Keymusic has migrated the Dutch and Belgian stores to a central hosted Voip exchange. The new IP telephones were prepared and tested in advance for each number porting.

The porting was then carried out on demand, after which the migration of a store was completed.



Your own Voip exchange?

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PBXcomplete is always ready to optimize the Keymusic package for use and to adapt it to the challenges of the day.

The advantage of a Voip exchange in the cloud is that it can be managed entirely from Keymusic.

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