OPEN32 switches to hosted 3CX environment

OPEN32 is a multibrand fashion & jeans store with approximately 70 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium and an extensive webshop at Service is key in the stores where you can find an extensive collection of brands including Silvercreek, G-Star RAW, PME Legend, Levi's, Tommy Jeans and Madness. Telephony is important for the OPEN32 organization for the contact moments with its customers. The stores are called with questions about stock and call customers themselves if, for example, reserved items of clothing are ready. At the head office, customer service representatives answer various questions from (prospective) customers. This is done by email, but often also by telephone.

More than 10 years ago, OPEN32 switched from traditional ISDN telephony to VoIP telephony at PBXcomplete. In the shops, the internet routers were made suitable to support the existing analogue Dect devices to use Voip. Fixed and wireless IP telephones were introduced at the head office and special software was installed for the reception that made it easy to transfer calls to employees in the office, on the road and in the shops.

The open source telephone exchange software that was used, had a limitation that meant that the shop and office telephones could not be active on the same exchange at the same time. 3CX does not have this limitation. So when a choice had to be made for newer telephone exchange software, 3CX brought the possibility to place all telephones on 1 system.

Another advantage of 3CX was the comprehensive reception panel included with the web client. As a result, the extra, paid software for the reception was no longer necessary in the new situation. Transferring calls is now done easily through the web client, where the fixed telephone can also be controlled.

PBXcomplete has helped us to make a smooth transition from our old Voip exchanges to a new hosted 3CX environment.

After the migration planning was made and the new hosted 3CX exchange was set up, the conversion went smoothly within a few weeks. During the migration, both the old and the new exchanges were active. By using a temporary number block as a bridge between the old and new situation, all OPEN32 employees could reach each other during the migration by using the usual internal numbers.

A 3CX Session Border Controller (SBC) was installed at the office location, with which the fixed telephones could be easily and quickly linked to 3CX: after resetting a telephone to the default settings, this telephone was immediately visible in the 3CX interface. This could then be immediately linked to an employee. The retail phones were linked to 3CX through a single change to the existing configuration that could be done remotely.

The risk of a long downtime has been minimized by OPEN32 by renting a failover exchange from PBXcomplete. With the 3CX Enterprise license it is possible to configure when the failover exchange should take over from the primary exchange.

With the switch to hosted 3CX with PBXcomplete, OPEN32 has a progressive telephone system that can be used in the coming years.