To use the services of PBXcomplete you only need a reliable internet connection that you can also purchase through us. Your IP telephones connect to your hosted Voip exchange through this connection. Instead of physical IP telephones you can also use software that you can install on your computer or smartphone and with which you can make calls, also known as a softphone or sip client app.
After we have received your wishes for the call plan, we can fully set up your PBX and telephones and deliver them to you working. After completion, you will receive login details with which you can adjust or expand your settings through a web interface. You can then create your own login details for additional IP telephones and / or softphones that you want to connect via the Internet. In addition, you can also create or modify queues and automatic replies (IVR) through the interface, record announcement texts and forward incoming calls to the correct destination. If you can not figure it out yourself, you can always call us for help.
Yes, both FreePBX and 3CX support this option by default.
No, for FreePBX this has to do with the open source nature of that Voip exchange software. Our packages are based on the number of simultaneous calls that can be made. And here you are free in the number of telephones that you wish to connect. With hosted 3CX packages you also pay based on the number of simultaneous calls that can be made.
Our smallest package supports 4 simultaneous calls. With our largest standard package you can have up to 30 simultaneous calls. If you want to have more than 30 simultaneous conversations, we can offer a customized solution for this.

FreePBX / 3CX

FreePBX is basically open-source telephone exchange software with the option to purchase paid modules. With the basic package you have all standard options such as call groups, IVR's, queues and flexible call forwarding. 3CX is licensed telephone exchange software based on the number of simultaneous calls made. Included with 3CX are own apps for Android and iPhone, as well as clients for Windows and Mac. A web client is also available with which you can also make calls.
The detailed FreePBX manual can be found here: The user manual of 3CX can be found here: user manual/ The administrator manual of 3CX can be viewed here:


The bandwidth required for a simultaneous conversation with Voip depends on the way in which the speech signal in the telephone is converted into a digital signal. With the most commonly used method (codec g711 alaw/ulaw) you should take into account approximately 90 kbit/s downstream and upstream per concurrent call.
We can set an alternative routing for incoming numbers, for example to another fixed number or a mobile number. This is possible even if your exchange is not available. You also have the option of diverting calls to a mobile phone in your exchange if the IP phone is not available or if you cannot pick up the phone.
Yes, we also supply ADSL and (possibly bundled) VDSL connections, which are extra advantageous if you purchase these in combination with a hosted BizPro package. Together with you we can look for a suitable solution if you are looking for a reliable internet connection.

Call costs

Calls are free that you make between phones that are linked to the exchange from any location. Or if you call directly to a SIP telephone number. However, if you call fixed or mobile numbers, you make an outgoing connection to traditional telephony via the PBX. At that time you pay call costs depending on the destination, but at a more favorable rate than with traditional telephone companies.
You can view the call costs per destination for outgoing calls here. There are no call charges for incoming calls.
Yes, you can call any destination abroad at cheaper rates than you are used to with your traditional telephone company.
Yes, we support calls to the Dutch 112 emergency number and the Belgian emercency numbers. And also to the shortened Dutch municipal numbers, eg 14010.
Yes that is possible. Except for the cheapest FreePBX package, you can set up alternative Voip providers in your exchange and, if desired, have your outgoing calls go through these providers. However, in that case we cannot give any guarantees about the call quality.

Telephone numbers

Yes, with each package you can link multiple numbers to your exchange in addition to the included numbers. You can then set the final destination for each number: a telephone, queue, call group or automatic answerer or a combination of these based on time switches. It can also be configured on your IP telephone to see which number has been called.
Porting a number or group of numbers can have a lead time of one day if your current provider approves the porting immediately. However, you will often be held to a notice period of 1 month. If we submit your porting assignment, you will be informed as soon as possible on which date and time the porting can take place. Your old situation will of course remain active until the moment of porting.

IP phones

Yes, we deliver IP telephones from the following brands: Yealink, Gigaset Pro, Snom and Panasonic. We deliver these telephones pre-configured. Upon receipt, you can activate the telephones immediately by connecting them to your local network.
IP telephones use a network connection and will have to be connected with a network cable. However, most telephones have 2 network ports, allowing you to use the existing network connection of a PC. This can be connected to the internet port of the IP telephone and then you connect the PC to the PC port of the telephone.
The following IP telephone brands work well with our BizPro packages: Snom, Yealink, Gigaset, Panasonic, Grandstream, Tiptel, Polycom, Linksys, Aastra and Cisco.
With a softphone you do not use a physical telephone to make a phone call. Instead, you use a software program that runs on your PC or smartphone. Softphones come in different variants. X-Lite, for example, is free to download but has limited functionality. For softphones with more extensive business functionality (for instance call transfers) you often pay a one-off or monthly license fee.
Yes, we have various Fixed Mobile solutions. For smartphones it is possible to use a SIP client app. For FreePBX, for example, we recommend the Bria Mobile app that costs 99 cents per month for Android and iPhone. 3CX has its own smartphone apps that you can download free of charge from the app stores. In addition, we can also supply SIM cards that register directly as a SIP client. In this case you do not use mobile internet, but your mobile phone is connected to your Voip exchange as a separate extension via the mobile network. This can be useful in environments where mobile internet is not stable.

Call management and computer telephone integration

Included with the FreePBX package is the FOP2 web interface ( which you can use up to 15 extensions free of charge. Via the FOP2 interface you can see who is available or in conversation. You can also transfer using the web interface and use a central telephone directory. If you pay a one-off license amount of approximately € 50, the limit on the number of visible extensions will be removed. You will also be given the opportunity to chat with other employees via FOP2 and to listen to and organize your voicemail messages via FOP2. With 3CX you can see through the 3CX client who is available or busy.
We can help you with a solution to integrate your PC with telephony. One of these options is to use the caller's number as input for a program, for example a CRM package. Contact us to discuss the options.


You can order our packages directly through our website. You can also pay for the package online through iDeal or Paypal. Via Paypal you can also pay with a VISA or MasterCard credit card if you wish. Of course it is also possible to pay through a bank transfer. Our monthly subscription costs and call costs are settled via direct debit.
If we have received your first payment (or have received proof of payment), you will usually receive your login details and telephone number on the same day.
We invoice the subscription costs for our hosted PBX packages and telephone numbers in advance. Two weeks before the start of a new period you will receive the invoice for the upcoming period, which you must pay within these two weeks. Call costs are billed monthly afterwards.
We do not use a minimum contract duration. You can cancel our services on a monthly basis (with the exception of DSL connections), even if you have paid in advance for a longer period than one month.
You can cancel your subscription for the coming month up to 15 days before the start of a new month. You will not be billed for the new payment period. If you have paid for a longer period, the remaining period will be credited.