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Making calls with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues. You can communicate by setting up a video conference, chatting, sharing files or calling. This is all possible via the Microsoft Teams app, which runs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

You can also use Teams to make calls to external phone numbers or to be called on your own phone number. PBXcomplete can provide this service for you, so that your organization no longer needs a separate Voip telephone exchange. We take care of number retention of your existing numbers and also give each employee their own telephone number where they can be reached directly.

Advantages of Calling with Teams via PBXcomplete:

  • No separate system for telephony, but integrated in the familiar Office365 / Teams environment
  • Flexible calling bundles with a phone number included, cheaper than Microsoft’s bundles
  • All minutes of the (different) purchased call bundles are combined into 1 large company bundle, whereby the minutes can be divided among all employees
  • Calls outside your calling bundle (ie. to premium numbers) are possible and will be invoiced afterwards
  • You can continue to use your existing telephone numbers. By default, everyone dials out with the main number
  • IVR’s, queues, call groups and voicemail can be set directly in Teams
  • Make and receive calls via smartphone with the Teams app
  • Transfer calls easily and see which colleagues are available
  • If you do not want to make calls via the PC or smartphone, you can also use an optional desktop phone
  • Optionally, calling with Teams can be linked to a 3CX or FreePBX telephone exchange, for example for more extensive queue functionality
  • 1 total invoice: PBXcomplete can take over the billing of your current Office365 licenses

PBXcomplete offers the following calling bundles, including 1 telephone number:

Fixed and mobile NL € 9.95 per user per month (1200 minutes*)
Fixed and mobile NL € 2.95 per user per month (120 minutes*)
Fixed and mobile international (196 countries) € 14.95 per user per month (600 minutes*)

* These bundles are comparable to the calling bundles that Microsoft used to offer. The minutes of all the different bundles purchased are combined into 1 company bundle.

What do you need to make calls with Microsoft Teams?

Every user needs an Office365 license, for example Business Basic or higher. In addition, the Business Voice or Teams Phone Standard add-on is required.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities or receive a quote.




  • Een uitbreidbare Voip centrale in de cloud
  • Keuze tussen hosted 3CX of FreePBX
  • Voorgeïnstalleerde IP telefoons om direct te bellen
  • Nummerbehoud + extra nummers koppelen


  • Voip telefoonnummers
  • Regionaal & Internationaal


  • VDSL of Bundled VDSL
  • Optimaal voor Voip verkeer

IP telefoons
& headsets

  • Voorgeconfigureerde IP-telefoons
  • Ook draadloos


  • Voip simkaart
  • Mobiel onderdeel van uw Voip centrale

Bellen met

  • Gebruik Teams als telefooncentrale
  • Voordelige belbundels