Phone numbers

Phone numbers

PBXcomplete provides Voip telephone numbers, also known as DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers from all Dutch regions. These are “normal” regional numbers, such as +31-10-8200010, which we link to your telephone exchange via Voip. If you do not want a region-specific number, you can also opt for a 085 number or number block. By using our Voip telephone numbers, your organization can be reached by anyone in the world for incoming calls.

We configure at least 1 Voip telephone number with every hosted PBX package, so that you can be reached immediately. You can order additional telephone numbers using the table below, which we link to your telephone exchange. We will send you the details of your new number(s) within 24 hours after ordering.


New phonenumbers (geographical) One-time fee Monthly costs
1 number € 7,50 € 2,25 Order
10-block numbers € 49,- € 19,95 Order
100-block numbers € 99,- € 39,95 Order


  • Due to a limitation imposed by the ACM (formerly OPTA), you must have a physical (office) location in the region of your area code for a geographical area code.
  • Do you need a location independent 088 number? To do this, you must first order a 100 block directly from the ACM (formerly OPTA). After approval, we can activate the 100 block for you on our Voip platform. Call us on +31-10-8200010 for more information.
  • If you do not need a new number, you can also port your current number to our hosted Voip platform. The one-off additional charge for this is € 7.50.

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Number portability

We can ensure that your current numbers are retained when you switch to our Voip platform. This means you do not have to communicate new numbers to your relations. After the so-called porting process is completed, calls on your current number(s) arrive directly at your Voip exchange.

The lead time of a number porting can vary from 1 day to a few months, depending on the contract with the current provider. After submitting your order for number portability, we will inform you as soon as possible when we can port the number or number block. Until the time of porting, your current telephony situation remains as it is. With a new order, we can activate a temporary Voip number for you, so that you can already test with your new Voip exchange.


New phonenumbers (geographical) One-time fee Monthly costs
1 number € 15,- € 2,25 Order
10-block numbers € 99,- € 19,95 Order
100-block numbers € 149,- € 39,95 Order


International VoIP telephone numbers

PBXcomplete also offers international Voip telephone numbers, also known as Direct Inward Dialing or DID numbers, from around 50 countries. With an international Voip telephone number you can link numbers from different countries to your telephone exchange. With the direct advantage that the barrier will be lowered to call your company for your (potential) international customers. They do not have to call internationally, but a cheaper national number.

We ensure that the call is routed to your telephone exchange with us. And with an additional setting you can see on your IP telephones that the caller has called to the relevant international number. For all international Voip numbers, no separate call costs are charged in addition to the subscription costs for the number; you can therefore receive unlimited calls. At least 2 simultaneous calls can be made on each Voip number. Extra lines are available at an additional cost. We currently offer numbers from the following countries:

Search the costs per country

CountryOne-off costsMonthly costsNumber portingOrder
Argentina€ 8,50€ 8,00NoGaan
Australia€ 8,50€ 5,00YesGaan
Austria*€ 8,50€ 5,00YesGaan
Belgium€ 8,50€ 5,00YesGaan
Brazil€ 8,50€ 5,00YesGaan
Bulgary*€ 8,50€ 5,00YesGaan
Canada€ 8,50€ 5,00YesGaan
Chile€ 8,50€ 8,00YesGaan
Colombia€ 8,50€ 15,00NoGaan
Croatia*€ 8,50€ 5,00YesGaan
  • * For these countries a proof of address is required for the application for a number. For example a copy of an energy bill on which the address is stated and also the (company) name of the applicant.
  • The costs for porting a number vary per country and sometimes also per telecom operator in a country. For this reason you cannot order a number porting online. Mail or call us on +31-10-8200010 if you want to know the costs for an international number porting.




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