DSL connection

DSL connection

Calling with Voip means that your calls are routed over the internet. Each simultaneous call will take almost 100 kb/s of bandwidth downstream and upstream. If you have relatively little internet traffic with a few employees in the office, you can also use your current internet connection for Voip. It is, however, necessary to use a router that can give priority to Voip traffic, for example routers from Draytek.

However, if intensive use is made of internet at your office, we recommend using a separate internet connection for your VoIP traffic. In this way your employees can use the telephone undisturbed.

We can provide this extra connection for you at minimal costs if you purchase a hosted Voip exchange from us. An additional advantage is that our connections support Pin over IP and Alarm over IP at no extra cost.

Our VDSL connections have speeds of 30 Mb/s to 100 Mb/s download. It is also possible to bundle 2 VDSL connections, so that you can use the double speed. Contact us if you want to know which internet speeds are available at your location.




  • Een uitbreidbare Voip centrale in de cloud
  • Keuze tussen hosted 3CX of FreePBX
  • Voorgei╠łnstalleerde IP telefoons om direct te bellen
  • Nummerbehoud + extra nummers koppelen


  • Voip telefoonnummers
  • Regionaal & Internationaal


  • VDSL of Bundled VDSL
  • Optimaal voor Voip verkeer

IP telefoons
& headsets

  • Voorgeconfigureerde IP-telefoons
  • Ook draadloos


  • Voip simkaart
  • Mobiel onderdeel van uw Voip centrale

Bellen met

  • Gebruik Teams als telefooncentrale
  • Voordelige belbundels